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Robert Birnie - webmaster
Presidents Message
To introduce the Blue Water Pond Club of Sarnia/ Lambton......  We are a non-profit service club located in Lambton County.   The members all have a common goal,to help each other members with design, and construction of their home ponds in a support position providing a wealth of information. We also strive to acquire information on servicing ponds,water plants and fish. We have a web page listed as www.bluewaterpondclub.com. Our email address is edixon3@cogeco.ca. Our members have ponds from as small as 50 gallons up to several thousand gallons. We have some members who do not have ponds but are interested in this hobby. We have a comradeship that has kept our membership numbers between 25 to 50 families since our inception in 2000.As we start each year,we have a full event schedule planned for the summer. We conduct a local pond tour of our personal ponds in August each year followed by a barbecue. We go on tours to other locations to increase our knowledge on design and maintenance of our ponds. We have a Christmas brunch for members and their families near the first of December each year. As a member of our club, you have access to discounts at some of our local and not local nurseries and specialty businesses as arranged for pond supplies and plants. Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month from April to November. During our meetings we will bring guest speakers who specialize in water plants,building water elements, fish maintenance and deal with fish disease and water quality. We also have a plant swap with our members when plants can be divided. We have a small seed depository for plant seeds. We maintain a small library of books on a variety of subjects related to ponds,water plants and fish. We experiment with garden designs by sharing some plants that our members have an over abundance of and wish to try other plants that other members are willing to share as well. We are always looking for new members with new ideas to share and enhance our membership.   Your President,   Ron Urry 519-542-5624
Bluewater Pond Club Newsletters
With soothing sounds and distinctive plants, water features such as ponds, pools, and water gardens are varied, beautiful, and welcome additions to the garden. If you think you would enjoy the serenity and beauty of a water feature, why not come along to one of our meetings. We can give advice on construction of ponds, help with suggestions on pond keeping, even offer free water plants at one of our meetings. Some of our members have created inspiring impressive ponds and our pond tours are well worth while.
Bluewater Pond Club Presidents Message